special events: tandem skydive

Take the opportunity and do your first skydiving jump over the Swiss Alps! Oliver Furrer is part of the Skydive Switzerland team and is doing regularly with passenger’s tandem skydive jumps.

Tandem skydive jump - 3 activities in 1.  It all starts with an amazing 12-15 minute scenic flight. This takes you over lakes and through the Swiss Alps, seeing the spectacular peaks of the Eiger; Monch, Jungfrau in all their glorious beauty....This is followed by the thrill of FreeFall, with the comfort of being accompanied by an experienced instructor. You will be overwhelmed with an adrenalin rush like never before, as you drop towards the earth at 200 Km/h (120M/h)….As if that wasn’t enough, you then get to enjoy an exciting 4-5 minute canopy ride, giving you time to take in all the excitement, before landing softly back on earth.

So book your first Skydive Switzerland jump right now.

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