special events: photo shooting


A small Swiss-Peruvian company with the name BERGSPITZ produces trendy sports- and street wear with a special focus on fair trade. High up in the Andes, 3.800 meters above sea level, lies the city of Huancayo, where the products of this unique business project originate from. It is therefore not by chance that this new brand is called BERGSPITZ (MOUNTAIN PEAK).

The company’s history is simple, but at the same time, astonishing. During a trip through Latin America, Christian Schenk, a business student, first met his wife, Rocio. Her father is the headmaster of a large vocational school in Huancayo and her mother produces the school uniforms. Fascinated by the family's entrepreneurial spirit, Schenk returned to Switzerland and founded the ‘Senati Fairwear’ association with the aim is to sell Peruvian clothes on the Swiss market. The clothes were to be produced in a poor region of the country under fair working and trading conditions. Not only was the emphasis to be placed on fair wages, but also on the education of the employees and their families. Of course, these days it's not easy to get into trade without a large marketing budget. But due to the excellent quality, the label was able to make a name for itself and became recommended through word of mouth.

The PULSE team helped with the supported photo shooting for the new brochure. In future, more money will be invested into the project to reach higher with the BERGSPITZ brand.

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