news 21.05.18: Isn't it the best feeling - soaring with friends free in the sky within a wingsuit around some puffy clouds?!? This jump happened on a special weather day, were the temperatures brought up some Cumulus clouds. A PAC750 aircraft from another DropZone was based at the Thun, Switzerland airfield for the long weekend and was optimal to fly the 4 jumper pilots up to 14'000ft altitude.

Wingsuit flight over lake Thun, Switzerland Bild vergrössern

news 20.05.18: The PULSEteam did there first Freefly training jumps after Corinne's hard landing with a broken rib at Thun, Switzerland. It felt good to be back in the sky and turn moves together with holding hand grips.

freefly training over lake Thun Bild vergrössern

news 25.04.18: During the first Spring days, it was time to perform the yearly check-flight on a small Piper aircraft. Afterwards Oliver took many friends up into the sky for some scenic flights. It was beautiful to see the snow covered mountain peaks and the green fields from high above

Pilot and scenic flight passengers Bild vergrössern

news 10.04.18: Oliver's latest Wingsuit BASE jump is visible through a HUD (Head Up Display) view. His flights was down from the Innerer Fisistock summit into the valley along cliffs and over trees. The pilots sight is displayed into a HUD view with many reference the tracking line in 3D landscape map. Enjoy the flight!

news 10.03.18: At the Indoor Skydiving Swiss National at Sion, Switzerland, Oliver was testing his new 360° Camera. Thereby Manu & Oli (Swiss Champions) was dynamic flying around him in the active chamber. Thanks to RealFly which made it happen this special filming?

news 15.02.18: The PULSEteam held there first freefly training at GoJump Oceanside, California. At the second day, Corinne got picked up by turbulences in the landing approach and hit the ground hard. At the hospital they diagnosed one broke rib, plus many sprains & bruises :-(

PULSEteam training jump over California Bild vergrössern

news 13.02.18: The new iFly wind tunnel at Oceanside (14 ft) opened a few week ago and was ready to fly. So Oliver took the opportunity and flow for some session. Thereby he trained in vertical (140 mph) the forward transition from head-up to head-down and vise versa.

iFly Oceanside outface flying Bild vergrössern

news 12.02.18: At Oceanside, California Oliver took his first helicopter flight lesson at Anthelion. Thereby Jamie gave him a good introduction on the Robinson R22 (N8372R). The flight along the shore line, plus the hovering approach to the local airport inspired him very well.

Oliver before his first helicopter flight lesson Bild vergrössern

news 27.01.18: It's always great to share happiness with friends, and if this action is during an indoor skydive session it's even more fun! So Oliver & Corinne joined Svens revival at his first flight in the wind tunnel after many years. Welcome back in the air my friend!

Revival from Sven in the wind tunnel Bild vergrössern

news 05.01.18: Do you need a encouraging speaker at your next event, who talks about his air-sports and motivates the spectators to bring more courage into their everyday life? Oliver Furrer, the experienced sportsman was interviewed about his skills in flying and how he reflects these feelings of freedom in his lectures. Book Oliver Furrer as a speaker for your next event or work shop.

news 09.12.17: During the pre-Christmas time, Oliver & Corinne visited the indoor skydive center at Sion, Switzerland. Thereby the two Flyers did a training session with Manu together and had much fun flying 3D in the wind tunnel. Always interesting to learn new moves!

indoor skydiving flyers having fun Bild vergrössern

news 21.10.17: After a great summer skydiving season, the PULSEteam went back flying in the wind tunnel. Thereby Gert supported Corinne & Oliver at these indoor skydive sessions at the Sion, Switzerland. It felt good - carving in circles around each other and having fun together in between all the first time flyers.

having fun at the indoor skydiving training Bild vergrössern

news 14.10.17: During a beautiful Autumn day, three PULSEteam members hiked for 3.5 hours from Kandersteg to the Innerer Fisistock for a BASE jump. On the way up to the mountain they enjoyed the great scenery over the Kandertal with the fresh snow covered summits in the back ground. The Wingsuit flights down the valley was just amazing along the cliffs and trees.

BASE jumper is exiting from a cliff into the valley Bild vergrössern

news 07.09.17: At the large-scale KMU Swiss event at Brugg-Windisch, Oliver was one of the panel speaker. He talked about his visionary behavior from the eagle perspective. Thereby he addressed clear parallels between his vision "flying in the wingsuit" and using the same components to be successful in business life.

news 20.08.17: Another happy Skydive tandem passenger landed save on the ground after a spectacular Helicopter jump. Thereby Oliver filmed the couple together with Corinne over the beautiful Interlaken, Switzerland mountain scenery. What a nice day and with smiley faces at Helicopter Skydive.

Helicopter Skydive jump over Interlaken Bild vergrössern

news 15.08.17: The Dropzone 33 "Last Ultimo" is history! During one more week the Pilatus Porter aircraft was flying (89 loads / 884 Skydivers) without accident at Saanen/Gstaad, Switzerland. Thanks again to Rebi & Raymond for organizing this event, plus Reto for delicate food. Cross fingers they’ll get the motivation to make a second revival in 2019!?

Dropzone 33 - last ultimo 2017 Bild vergrössern

news 11.08.17:  The PULSEteam joined another ToraTora Heli Camp at Skydive Balaton, Hungary. It was an authentic skills camp in groups with a 4:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 4 participants) based on the personal skill level. Due to an engine problem on the helicopter, plus one day strong wind, only 20 jumps could be made during 5 days. However, the party in Budapest was amazing on Saturday night.

ToraTora Heli Camp 2017 Bild vergrössern

news 22.07.17: At various places in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, small memorials were held in memory of Walter Hilscher. His ashes were strewn into the sky before or during the BASE jump by the ceremony participants.

in memory of Walter Hilscher Bild vergrössern

news 16.07.17: Max & Niels just got into the age where they could do legal their first tandem skydive. Therefore they took the chance and made a jump at Skydive Leutkirch, Germany with Oliver & Corinne together. Thanks to the tandem masters, Tobi & Stefan for the great adventure they provided to the two boys.

Tandem Skydiving jump with fun jumper Bild vergrössern

news 07.07.17: In the begin of July, another heli-BASE video- & photo-shooting event took place in the Dolomiti. Thereby a small team performed different some cliff jumps under perfect weather conditions in the Mt Civetta region. It was fantastic to see through the camera lense, the jumpers staying on these exposed places.

Dolomiti Heli-Base event Bild vergrössern

news 05.07.17: In memory of our good friend Sigi Schenk. It was always a pleasure to fly with you and experience projects together. Blue Skies Forever  

news 02.07.17: The PULSEteam did a warm up jumping in the Arco, Italy area for the followed Dolomiti event. Thereby Oliver was flying different wingsuit types (Foghead, R-Bird Pro 2, Rebel 2&3) to check out the ability to do acrobatic & back flying during a Base jump, plus long distance flights. It was interesting to see him with all these colorful suit on the exit places.

news 10.06.17: What a beautiful background scenery by flying over Berne-Alps...and even experience the freefall during a skydive jump! So, Corinne & Oliver took the opportunity with some freeflying together, while Skydive Switzerland was operating at the Thun airfield. It is amazing to see the blue sky from this angle with speed over 250km/h.

Freefly jump over the Berne Alps Bild vergrössern

news 13.05.17: It was a perfect weather day during the Heli-Base event at the Poncione d'Alnasca, Tessin, Switzerland. Thereby a small group of 11 base jumpers participated at the Ascent Xmedia/Talent for Adventure photo- & video-shooting which was organized by Oliver. Impressive to see the wingsuit pilots flying down from the snow covered summit to the green valley.

Heli-Base event on the Poncione Bild vergrössern

news 30.04.17: At the begin of the new BASE jumping season, Thor, Roman and Oliver performed an exit training day at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. The fresh snow on the way through the Via Ferrata made it special at these time a year. However, all practised very well their jumps and are ready for higher cliffs outside the valley.

Base exit training from the ViaFerrata ramp Bild vergrössern