BASE jumping: intro

Jumping from a fixed object is very demanding and requires a high degree of experience and discipline. Before one can enjoy the adrenaline rush of floating through the sky, a lot of preparation is required. This includes previous research of the jumping area / object, getting familiar with the landing site, considering the influence of wind and weather and to make sure to have the right equipment.

There are many different reasons why people do BASE jumping (Building, Antenna, Span, Earth). However, all jumpers share their passion for outdoor activities and the thrill of adventure.

Today BASE-jumping has been revolutionised by new jumpsuit technologies, allowing for longer flight times and distance flying. The use of 'Wingsuits' has made it possible to soar along cliffs and to do 'Proximity-Flying' inside mountain valleys.

BASE-jumping: a great way to widen your horizon and to gain new perspectives!

Oliver Furrer Base jumping Bild vergrössern

Wingsuit proximity BASE jump - Demo Video by Oliver Furrer

Bob BASE jump - Demo Video with Oliver Furrer