freefly: student coaching

During the last 14 years, Oliver Furrer was giving professional coaching in different disciplines. Many skydivers took the opportunity to learn from the best. They all deducted happy, improved a lot in the sky and raised their skydive skills.

At this time now, Oliver Furrer got specialized in FreeFly coaching, and he is very successful with up to 10 private students per year. There are different coaching packets available, depending on the existing skills of the student. Normal for beginners Oliver offers in a personal FreeFly coaching weekend; 6 jumps with a detailed briefing & debriefing and all tickets. Plus an overall DVD, Freefall pictures and the accommodation, food & drinks are included.

Another way to get special FreeFly skills would be single “One-by-One” coaching jumps. During these dives the student can learn specific moves while be filmed in freefall by Oliver and later detailed debriefed.

If you are interested to do one of theses special weekend or single jump coaching, don't hesitate and contact Oliver.

freefly coaching jump by Oliver Furrer Bild vergrössern