freefly: event

During several festivals, events, boogies and records, Oliver Furrer joined as jumper the world class freefly sport. He's found out, what it needs and takes to organise a good event, that every skydiver is happy in the end.

So with the great experience Oliver organised different freefly events the last 4 years. During this two or three days events, the participators made big variety in jumps like -tube jumps, -tracking loads, -indi 500 dives, -admonauti, -sitfly formations, -bigway headdown, -etc. The party on Saturday night was a highlight, beside the dozen freefly jumps.

At this point there is no further freefly event planed, but if you need a professional load organizer please contact Oliver.

freefly event skydive Hohenems 2008 Bild vergrössern

video: freefly event 2008