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A chest mount pop top, small and lightweight with a TSO'd round reserve canopy inside.

The adjustable system is perfect to mount to the BASE jumper or skydiver harness for different purpose. As a second chance for jumping of objects or security support during a skydive main canopy cutaway.

This containers is the smallest available size made by BASER Container with a certified Strong 26 Ft LoPo Conical Parachute Canopy.

  • Container Model: BASER Container (NewYork, USA)
  • Container Colors: Black with Red/Gold pop top
  • Harness Attachment: D-Rings inclusive
  • Date of Manufacture: May 2011
  • Canopy Model: Strong 26 foot Lo-Po reserve parachute
  • Canopy Colors: Grey
  • Date of Manufacture: April 2011
  • Canopy limits: Max Wt 254 lbs Max Speed 150 kts
  • Jumps on it: 0
  • Repack: Oct. 2012 - could be repacked any time!

Price: CHF 1185.- (EUR 959.-)

Interested to buy or just to rent it? Rental costs are CHF 50.- per jump (min. 6 jumps)!

For further information contact Oliver Furrer

belly mounted reserve, pop top front side Bild vergrössern