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The Sun Path Products manufactory developed in collaboration with the PULSEteam a two canopies equipment for BASE jumping. Thereby in case of emergency a second canopy could be activated either; if the pilot chute cannot be reached or the main BASE canopy should be cutaway due to uncontrolled twists/flying!

This container system has been test jumped by Oliver during the last year. Thereby it was very convenient, save and simple to handle. The BASE canopy openings are straight and with the new Proxy canopy from PD very soft openings!

Additional this equipment is TSO approved and thereby legal to jump from every helicopter or plane! Perfect to use for any demo/show/stunt jump or for practice (wingsuit) BASE jumps.

So take the chance and rent or buy this unique equipment, if you need extra security during low jumps.

  • Container Model: Sun Path Products, Javelin
  • Container Colors: Black with Red/Gold
  • Date of Manufacture: May 2014
  • Main Canopy Model: Performance Designs, Proxy 240
  • Main Canopy Colors: White with Red leading edge panels and back Stabilizer
  • Date of Manufacture: April 2015
  • Reserve Canopy Model: Performance Designs, Optimum Reserve 113
  • Date of Manufacture: April 2014
  • Jumps on it: 0
  • Repack: March 2015
  • Pilot Chute Size: 36” inch with No Slip Grip


Price: CHF 5’599.- (€ 4'950.-)

Interested to buy or just to rent it? Rental costs are CHF 100.- per jump!

For further information contact Oliver Furrer


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