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The FUSION is a special designed wingsuit, combining a Jedei Tonywingsuit with an integrated BASE container! Thereby a canopy is attached to the build-in harness of the suit. This FUSION suit is one of the fastest forward flying wingsuit with high glide ratio due to the perfect aerodynamic profile! 

  • Model Wingsuit: Tonywingsuits, FUSION Jedei
  • Model Canopy: No canopy is incl. but a size 240+ will fit into the container
  • Colors: Red / Gold / Black
  • Jumps on it: 48
  • Size: 178cm / 5feet 9inch (5'9") / 77kg
  • Level: Advanced


Price:  CHF  485  (EUR 429 / USD 486)

The FUSION suit is only for BASE jumping recommended.

Like to test it - place your email by contacting Oliver Furrer

FUSION Jedei Tonywingsuits for sale Bild vergrössern