BASE accessories:

Pilot Chute 32” (Black/New) ZP vented with Plastic Grip - APEXBASE

Price: ­ CHF 90.-


For Sale - new Pilot Chute 32 Bild vergrössern


“What Line Over” Toggles, aka “WLO’s,” are designed to release the control line, without the use of a hook knife, in the event of a slider up line-over malfunction.

Price: CHF 59.-

“What Line Over” Toggles, aka “WLO’s Bild vergrössern

Pilot Chute 36” (Black/New) ZP vented with No Slip Grip (NSG) - APEXBASE

Price: ­ CHF 95.-

Pilot Chute 36' with No Slip Grip Bild vergrössern