skysurf: team news

SUPER - the Swiss PULSEteam, with Oliver Furrer (surfer) and Lukas Koller (cameraflyer) has again won the gold medal at the skydive world championship!
Between 5th and 11th August 2006 the FAI skydive world championship was held in Gera, Germany. It was the largest event in history with more than 475 athletes from over 27 nations. The PULSEteam competed in the discipline Skysurfing against 10 other teams. During the competition, the weather was not as good as anticipated, and the teams could only complete three jumping-rounds. In the end the Swiss team had an advantage of 0.4 points over the Russian team, which was just enough to win the title.

skysurf PULSE team world champion 2006 Bild vergrössern