skysurf: history

Skysurfing originally dates back to the 1980’s, when skydivers started to jump out of airplanes with boards on their feet. Over the years it attracted more and more people and in 1993 the first competition was held. During the world meet 1995 in Germany, Rob Harris set new standards by presenting techniques such as flying upside down, fast spins and complicated transitions at the highest level of perfection.

1997 was the year of Oliver Furrer – his PULSEteam became world champion in Turkey, won the world natures Games in Brazil and was the winner of the SSI Cup Pro Tour. No team in history ever won more competitions than the PULSEteam, with their incredible teamwork and artistic abilities.

In 2006 the world championship was hosted at Gera, Germany, and was the largest skydive event in history. During this spectacular competition the PULSEteam won the first place in the Skysurf discipline against 10 other teams.

skysurf team SwissPULSE Bild vergrössern