canopy piloting: speed flying

Speedflying, the new sport; flying down the mountain ridges, riding over snow fields and swooping cliffs, got established in the skydive- and paraglider-world with their own rules.

The sport "Speedflying" started some years ago, when skydivers jumped out of a plane and flow down a ski slope between wind blades. At these days they called it "Bladerunning"! The trend was going on and the skydivers swooped longer hills, passing cliffs and gliding down over glaciers. The "Mountain-Swooping" was created. On the other hand the paraglider pilots developed smaller canopies and started riding with skis down the snow hills. The "Speedriding" was done by a lot of French people. Out of all this different types of flying and riding on the mountain, the "Speedriding" was created.

During the a Speedflying competitions the participators have to fly a run which is a mix between riding along the snow slope and gliding between cliffs down the mountain. At some parts of the run are gates to pass through in a specific order & altitude to make the slalom ride more difficult.

The rules at these events are very conservative & simple to make it save for everybody. However, it's an outdoor sports discipline and the pilots take every chance to fly radical. So we'll see how this sport will be done in the future.

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