news 02.10.10: The ProBASE World Cup race took place in the gorgeous Jungfrau region (Stechelberg, Switzerland) on October 1st and 2nd 2010. All 39 Wingsuit participators started to the 4 scheduled rounds, but already in the first round some competitors got disqualified, because they stayed below the minimum canopy time of the flat 25 second rule or for lane invasion. After the semi final round, the 8 fastest pilots raced for the title where Ludo Woerth beat Swiss local Oliver Furrer for the third place. The gold final was extremely tense till the finish line where Espen Fadnes took a tiny lead before Mathias Wyss. 

Competitor from the ProBASE wingsuit race 2010 Bild vergrössern
ranking list ProBASE Wingsuit RACE 2010 Bild vergrössern